WORKS: Lifescape-SAR-SARECHA 2009

Lifescape (SAR-SARECHA)
approx. 200 x 250 cm
(overall dimensions vary in installation)
Photocopied imprints on paper, threads, plexi-glass

*realized during the residency in International Artist Village Camp in SAR:

As a way to contact people individually and share personal moments beyond
one-sided relationship of being a guest and a villager, I began my project by
visiting individual homes in the village to ask for their participation, to physically
take a print of their palms with a line called "lifeline", that in the palm-reading 
tradition, represents ones vitality and the length of ones life. My intention was to
work with elements that I find in the village to realize some kind of a landscape
where individual lives as well as generations are connected, while at the same time
emphasizing difference in condition of each palm - the variety of individual lives.
A collection of palm prints, including ones from the participating artists, reflects a 
particular moment in the village whilst implying more abstract scale of time; a lifetime.
All the lifelines are stitched together as one connected line by many different people
with threads taken out of leftover fabrics of clothing worn by the villagers, obtained from
a local tailor. The stitched line, in some parts straight and even, and in other parts 
winding and irregular, shows a personal touch of individual hands involved 
in the making, that became an essential element which gives the work  
"a once-in-a-lifetime" texture.



some source of inspiration

leftover fabrics of clothing worn by the people in SAR
acquired from a local tailor shop 
to take out threads for stitching lifelines