WORKS: report 2007

a stack of papers to be taken for free
51.7 x 38.1cm x 8 pages
news print, acrylic, texts in english and japanese

kindly approved by the independent

This project was conceived for an exhibition in Nagasaki Prefectural Museum, 
held during the peace memorial week in August. It is based on my
experience of finding a particular reportage while there was a severe conflict between 
Hezbolla and Israel in 2006. Out of ocean of information covering the paper,
 this little paragraph struck me deeply. Beyond a context of specific conflict, 
it spoke to me immediately about the true affluence of humanity, 
which overlapped and resonated with the people, the victims of 
atomic bombs in Nagasaki /Hiroshima who turned their agony and anger into 
the energy to prevent the world from having anymore victims like themselves.